Ayurveda, Yoga & You, Design & Marketing Internship 2015

I began this internship at Ayurveda, Yoga, & You with Kellen Brugman in January 2015 as a graphic designer and marketing consultant. This internship has given me the opportunity to advance my knowledge in entrepreneurship, marketing, management, networking, social media, communication, scheduling, and more. My favorite part, however, has been learning about self-care, yoga, and Ayurveda - a traditional Hindu practice.

Promotional Cards

To advertise for Kellen's events, I have created a few promotional cards to be placed in businesses in Santa Barbara, CA such as lululemon, Aveda, and Lole. Some needed space to write client-specific notes during events, whereas others displayed art and poetry on the backside. I create cards using the brand's fonts, colors, and simple watercolor illustrations to maintain consistency throughout collateral. 

Handouts + Other Collateral

In addition to these cards, I have also redesigned the Cleanse Guidebook that Kellen uses for her programs, keeping in mind that she would one day like to publish the book. Also, I have created numerous handouts in the same style that can be viewed here, as well as intake forms for new clients. For use in business proposals, I created template layouts for blog posts and small poems to be displayed. Shown here is one of Kellen's recent articles about sleep that was published on the lululemon blog. One of her most popular, it had over 63,000 views. View the original post here

Supplementing these tasks,  I also troubleshoot and manage Kellen's website and Mailchimp account. 

Social Media Campaign - #40DaysOfSelfCare

In May 2015, Kellen requested that I brainstorm some ideas to help her advance her business. In response, I created a proposal complete with specified goals, a defined target audience, questions to consider, social media outlines, and a myriad of ideas with relevant research, examples, and resources. After discussing ideas, Kellen decided to pursue a social media campaign that I then designed and presented to her in a document outlining instructions and guidelines on blog posts, Instagram posts, and Mailchimp blasts as well as subscriptions, hashtags, getting started, giveaways, and a schedule. Since the campaign has begun, I've acted as a consultant for the project while Kellen manages all content and imagery. The campaign, #40DaysOfSelfCare, is currently going on and can be seen on her blog here or on her Instagram here