Meet Your Maker, Print Design 2013

Humans are inherently curious about the history of life, and I have developed both my own questions and theories about the history of the universe. After spending the past three years exploring many beliefs, I wanted to translate my own ideas into visuals for other people to be able to experience.

My overarching theory for this work is that the universe contains many other life forms all at different stages of development in their galaxies, and the alien races that are most developed have an obligation to see that other races of life develop and advance to help the next up coming dominant galaxy in a universal cycle of life. Therefore, we are a product of the science of those alien races and all the religious tales of history, particularly those related to Christianity, are actually misinterpretations of aliens being “God.”

This body of work is meant to illustrate a collection of the aliens’ blueprint-like plans for the history of our earth. They include, illustrate and explain my overarching concept, the creation story, the alien hybrid Jesus, Noah’s Ark and the story of Jonah and the Whale.

The goal of this body of work is to allow people to experience a different view of the history of the universe and inspire them to think independently of how our world works. Having come from a Christian home, I know how easy it can be to forget to think critically when you are raised to dutifully accept that which your religion preaches. I hope this work encourages people to explore a variety of ideas and draw their own conclusions about the nature of life