K R I S T E N   W I L L I A M S 

A designer using creativity to derive unique, innovative and intelligent design solutions. Committed to making the world a better, more beautiful place, I strive to positively influence society through design while maintaining a balanced, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle enhanced by cannabis. 



T H E   T H I N G S   I   L I K E 


Self Care

Yoga + Energy Medicine + Ayurveda + Meditation

I am a firm believer in the benefits of self-care, and enjoy experimenting with and incorporating various practices into my daily routine. My favorite practices right now include inverted yoga poses, Abhyanga, and a meal mantra (click here for link).

To hear more about my self-care and compassion practices (and see some pictures of me on my head), take a look at my photographic body of work, Heart Over Head.

Lifelong Learning

College was nice, but just not enough for me. My curiosities have led me to fascinating places, each one expanding my memory and increasing my intuition.


Decorating with the Five Elements of Feng Shui (November 16 - December 7, 2015)

Photography (2013-2015, Dark Room + Photographing Light @ Truman)

Visualization Techniques (June 2014, 2 hrs)

Religion + American Culture (Fall 2013 @ Truman)

UFOs (June 2013, 6 hrs)

Ancient Egypt (2014-2015, Self Taught)

Spanish (Intermediate level, 2009-2012)