The #SelfCareShare is a 10-Day Challenge + Giveaway designed to encourage followers to document their own journey with self-care. Along the way, we will be educating our audience on how cannabis interacts with every aspect of wellness and explaining how it can be used as a tool for self-care.

During this period, we will be releasing blog posts and resources that cover major aspects of nutritional, mental, emotional and physical health. Original content will include interviews, downloadable trackers, recipes, illustrated workouts, playlists, and more. By sharing our own self-care practices like crazy confident dance parties and pre-bedtime rituals, we happily embrace common health concerns rather than dismissing them as an obligation or a nuisance. Our broad range of wellness topics gives us an amazing opportunity to promote and partner with the businesses we believe in, while sharing their holistic health products and botanical remedies.  

We intend to leave our readers and participants with the simple but powerful invitation:

No matter where you are in life, you can take joy in self-care.
You can listen to your inner voice.
You can join a culture and community of self-health awareness. 


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Taking care of ourselves is something we can continually be improving on. Kristen Williams and her holistic-health team have joined forces with leading brands in the cannabis industry to bring you a 10-Day #SelfCareShare Challenge and Giveaway designed to encourage and motivate you to take joy in self-care. They will be talking about how cannabis can be used as a tool to care for every aspect of wellness, including nutritional, mental, emotional and physical health - and giving away amazing products including vaporizers, topicals, tinctures, prints and more from their partners and supporters! Visit to learn more.

List of products if you would like to include that in the caption:

Products such as the Balance CBD Vaporizer by @EvoxeLabs, CBD-infused body oil, pain spray and lip balm from @Apothecanna, CBD tinctures from @EVRCBD, cannabis-infused almond butters by @HighlandPantry, and inspirational letter-press prints from @Holstee, a special "Weed Yo Self" KushKard, and more! 

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Join the #SelfCareShare to learn how #cannabis can be a self-care tool+win CBD goods! Visit

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Kristen Williams and her holistic-health team have partnered with leading brands in the cannabis industry that they truly believe in to bring you a variety of nationally legal, cannabis-enhanced wellness products throughout their 10-Day #SelfCareShare Challenge! They'll be talking about how each of these products can be incorporated into your self-care regimen and enhance your well-being. Giveaways will include CBD vaporizers, tinctures, topicals, and edibles from our partners @evoxelabs @EVRCBD @HighlandPantry @apothecanna - plus more! Check out for more information.

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See the #SelfCareShare final #giveaway basket filled with #cannabis #wellness products!

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Wellness is all about balance; from nutrition to fitness, responsibility to rejuvenation, and sleep, cannabis can be used as a tool to improve every aspect of whole-health. Join Kristen Williams and her holistic-health team as they take you through 10 days of self-care where they encourage you to celebrate the daily choices you can make to stay well - and join in for a chance to win CBD-infused products from the cannabis industry's leading brands! Visit to learn more. 

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Wellness is about balance. Learn how cannabis improves all areas of health at #SelfCareShare


We're a group of individuals with our own unique stories, but we all have one thing in common:
Dedication to helping change the stigma surrounding cannabis. 

Kira G., Writer

Co-Author of "The Cannabis Cleanse", MO

Kristen Williams, Designer

Co-Author of "The Cannabis Cleanse", MO

Tre Demyan, Writer

Comedian, LA

Sam Raney, Lifestyle Blogger

Founder of "What a Fun Day Blog", MO

Kirk Waidell, Fitness Contributor

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Independent Team Beachbody Coach, PA

Becca Reitz, Designer

Designing at Vail's 970 Design, CO

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