Holstee Mindful Art Photography, 2016

It never hurts to have a little extra inspiration in your life.

Taking care of every part of you can be a challenge, and we all have those days where we feel a little lost. 

Back in March, Holstee founder Michael Radparvar reached out to me about being an ambassador for their Mindful Art Subscription, and being a graphic designer completely obsessed with typography and illustration, I happily accepted! 

Of course, I ended up loving it. 

Not only do you get a gorgeous, incredibly nice letter-pressed print, but also inspiration, motivation, and an opportunity to reflect on yourself. Every single month, you receive an insert with questions, prompts, or checklists that go along with their theme of the month to encourage personal growth. They also include an envelope for you to gift your print after you've had your fill of it, and help inspire someone else in your life (although I've never been able to let one of these beauties go...until the #SelfCareShare giveaway). 

Check out some of the photos I've taken of the prints I've received over the months below, and read more about Holstee + shop their prints on their site!